About Kenny Cannon

Kenny Cannon is a thought leader in the areas of sales, marketing, and lifestyle businesses. He also coined the phrase “Income Freedom” and refers to this as people having the ability to create income streams without having to depend on a traditional job. Despite Kenny having great success in business, he finds his greatest joy when he’s coaching his youth hockey team, spending time with his daughter, or fishing on a local Long Island beach.

Kenny started his career in sales at the age of 15 when he answered an ad in a local paper for a telemarketing position. The title of the ad read “No experience wanted. Unlimited Income Potential.” Kenny answered the ad and got the job on the spot. His job was to dial the phone and sell cellular phones.  After just 2 weeks on the job, Kenny was the top producing salesperson in the company while only working part time. He immediately fell in love with the sales profession and knew it was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

By the age of 18 Kenny was a Series 7/63 licensed representative selling equities and initial public offerings. He excelled at his job and quickly became one of the top brokers in his firm.  Kenny stayed in the investment business until mid 2003 when he got an offer to work in the mortgage business that he couldn’t pass up.


Kenny and his team of salespeople and lead generators went into the mortgage business and began closing millions of dollars in mortgages almost instantly. This was where Kenny first realized that “the product didn’t matter” and this was an awakening for him.

Kenny Cannon always understood the importance of selling a great product but he learned that no matter what product he was selling, the process was the same.  This revelation would change Kenny’s life forever because now he knew that he had the ability to sell any product to any qualified prospect in the world so long as he stuck with the same process.

By mid 2006 the mortgage business started to crash hard and Kenny felt that it was time to move. This move would be different though. He started to consider starting his own business. He had no idea what he was going to do but with sales being the number 1 factor in business, Kenny knew he’d be ok. But before doing that there was one more thing he had to prove. Kenny had never sold anything face to face and he wanted to get some practice doing that before going out on his own.

In the summer of 2006, Kenny walked into a local car dealership and was hired on the spot. His training consisted of his manager telling him “The people come in through those doors and the cars are in the lot.” He was also told he had 4 days to sell a car or he’d be fired.

Kenny managed to sell 4 cars his first day. He wasn’t excelling at face to face sales like he did when he was selling over the phone and he was getting frustrated with the lack of leads coming in so he decided to go back to what he knows best – cold calling.

See, a car dealership is not a very active place on a random weekday and most of the salespeople just sit around and do nothing. Kenny decided to pick up the phone and start calling advertisements for people selling their cars.

His pitch was simple

“Hey this is Kenny Cannon. I saw you had your car listed in the paper and I wanted to buy it. I think I can give you more than what you have it listed for. When can you bring it down so I can have a look?”

Obviously not everyone came in and bought cars. Actually most people didn’t even show up for the appointments. But Kenny managed to add an average of 10 cars per month to his totals by using this “dead time” to generate his own leads.

After 13 months at the dealership Kenny was fired for selling a car to someone who didn’t fit in it (very long story). This is also where his entrepreneurial journey began.

Kenny Cannon was fired from the dealership but was instantly asked to “show the salespeople how to do the phone thing.” On the day he was fired, Kenny launched his consulting agency that’s still in business today.

Kenny began training salespeople and entrepreneurs on how to generate leads using a combination of the internet and the telephone. He also quickly realized that his process was so simple to learn that he didn’t have to be there to train them.

In 2008 Kenny launched KL Publishing to produce training material for salespeople and entrepreneurs.  Today, training programs produced by KL Publishing has reached over 200,000 salespeople, students and entrepreneurs from all over the globe.

In 2015 Kenny Cannon launched LeadLoop.net to help group based businesses generate more revenue from the internet. LeadLoop mainly focuses on running Facebook Ad campaigns to generate leads for their clients.

Under Kenny’s leadership, LeadLoop.net has become one of the fastest growing Facebook ad agencies in the United States with clients all over the country.

In late 2017 Kenny Cannon went back into startup mode to try and solve a problem that has been a passion of his for a very long time. With the way the economy is changing, Kenny believes that every person must learn how to create their own income without being dependent on a traditional job. Kenny calls this concept “Income Freedom” and he plans to launch a new company focused on that in early 2018.

The Fun Stuff 🙂

Kenny Cannon started playing hockey when he was 5 years old. His passion for the game never stopped growing and by the time he was 10 he was playing in tournaments all across the United States.

Kenny had to leave competitive hockey at the age of 23 because of injuries and work commitments but his passion for the game was still there.

When his daughter expressed interested in playing at the age of 7, Kenny instantly signed her up. She started with the Matt Martin Foundation summer hockey camp and instantly fell in love with the game.

Today Kenny is a USA Hockey certified coach and coaches his daughters 10U team. He also runs clinics at his local rink twice per week.



Kenny is also an avid fisherman. Whether it’s a pond in the middle of a park or off the rocks in Montauk, if Kenny isn’t working or spending time with his daughter he’s usually hitting the water hard.



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